Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Just Don't Go There; things not to say and write

Yes, there is political correctness, and I am sure we all get fed up of that. I am also sure like all differently-abled people, or if you like, disabled people, I still smile when someone is speaking to me and they get themselves into a right mess trying to skirt around my ‘predicament’. But it is what it is, and in truth the vast majority of people are so very kind and helpful they are forgiven tenfold for verbal trips.

However, just now and again you read something and you say to yourself, I can’t believe he said that! Especially when it is someone you hold in high regard. Today whilst reading the faculty case of Re Otley, All Saints [2015] (Leeds CCt) the chancellor, for whatever reason, decided to use old liturgical language to address those of us who are not ‘able-bodied’; he used the term; ‘infirm’!

Well my dear chancellor I am not infirm, not in a month of Sundays am I infirm, it’s an insult, and a nasty word to use.

Whilst I am talking about faculties, a word to the wise. When chancellors speak about addressing the law with regards reordering, especially in churches that are listed, the law does not stop at Duffield – the law also includes the Equality Act 2010.

So if you are considering changes in your church, stop think – what do we need to do to be inclusive.

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